Breakfast and Dinner

All prices include breakfast. Aware that it is the most important meal of the day, we make a breakfast containing varied and tasty seasonal food and homemade. It's a buffet where you could find cheeses and luncheon meats, homemade jams made with our fruit, eggs from our chickens, summer tomato salads, organic fruit and vegetables.


Some days we also serve "Gató", perhaps the oldest and most typical Mallorcan cake, made with our almonds. And no doubt the star of our breakfast is the natural juice of freshly squeezed orange which we serve throughout the spring until mid-July. In summer we do not have oranges so we use other seasonal fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, apricots, pears ...

Tortillas, "coques" of vegetables, or robiols panades (typical Easter) are some of the typical Majorcan foods that you can taste in our breakfasts.

If you spend a few days with us maybe someday you fancy dinner watching the sunset. Dinner is only served Monday through Friday and must be ordered one day in advance at least. Our specialties include paella or roast suckling ecological pig or lamb. Mallorcan wines accompany our dishes. The homemade desserts such as ice cream or almond mandarin ensure a sweet ending.

This service is exclusive to our customers.